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Founded in 1982, Dalgaard's Incorporated custom fabricates and installs exterior sheet metal roofing, flashing and gutters.

Above All Else

copper roof

Our motto, Above All Else, proclaims our belief that protecting a home from the destruction nature inflicts, covers a lifetime's work. We study the rain and wind and understand how they work together to sneak into the cracks created by the sun's hot rays in a home's roofing and siding. The science of protecting your home against the damaging effects of the elements of weather is our lifework. We work with copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and other specialty metals. From flat roofs with sky lights to steeply pitched roofs made up of multiple peaks and valleys, our artisans ensure that critical exterior areas on your house will defend the interior of your home year round. Call Dalgaard's Incorporated, when you want roofing, flashing and gutter work done properly.